Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mother's Song - A Traditional Lullaby

I heard this poem over Disney Junior and immediately fell in love with the lyrics. It conveyed perfectly how I feel about Sabina. Despite what the world may view as imperfections, Sabina is the most beautiful baby to me. (of course, so is my eldest, if she's reading. :)

When I looked up the poem on google, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was written in 1890 by a woman named Sabine Baring-Gould. :) (she was a Reverend too).

I have read and re-read this to Sabina many times since finding the lyrics, and I always tear and choke up as I recite the words out loud to her. For maybe this poem, written more than a century ago by a mother with the same name, was meant for my little Sabina today and now.

And so, this poem/lullaby is dedicated to my dearest, precious baby girl, who by the way, turns three in a few days. I love you Sabina. And if I may borrow the words of Rev. Gould, this is my mother's song to you ----

My heart is like a fountain true
that flows and flows with love to you
as chirps the lark unto the tree
so chirps my pretty babe to me 

There is not a rose wherever I seek
as comely as my baby's cheek
there's not a comb of honey bee
so full of sweets as babe to me

There's not a star that shines on high
is brighter than my baby's eye
There's not a boat upon the sea
can dance as baby does to me

No silk was ever spun so fine
as is the hair of baby mine
My baby smells more sweet to me
than smells in spring the elder tree

A little fish swims in the well
So in my heart does baby dwell
A little flower blows on the tree
My baby is the flower to me

Ten thousand parks where deer do run
Ten thousand roses in the sun
Ten thousand pearls beneath the sea
my babe more precious is to me.