Friday, July 8, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day happened a week right after my grandmother passed away; and with the other tragic deaths that also occurred during the same time, I didn't get to write about the one father in our lives who is to be truly, truly appreciated and acknowledged for all the effort and love he puts in to being one great father. This person is none other than Sabina's daddy.

Sad to say, I know of quite a number of dad's who have never changed a nappy; or never wiped poop from their child's butt; never fed their 10month old who splattered food all over the floor; or have never given their child a bath; or have stayed up for 3 o'clock feedings and colicky babies. For all intensive purposes, these dads prefer to do the "fun" stuff with their kids and have left the "dirty" and exhausting work to the mothers or yayas.

Not so with Sabina's daddy. Sabina's dad has not only done all of the above with both my girls (plus more); he has happily volunteered to do them many times even when I have not asked. He is certainly a wonderful dad to my daughters and is extremely hands on with both of them. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his two princesses.

In Sabina's case especially, both parents need to work together to be one good, solid team. We need teamwork to be able to adjust and manage her many needs. I cannot do everything on my own; and in our situation, I can always count on Sabina's dad to be able to be a great partner and teammate. In Sabina's first year and a half, it was his job to give her daily bath. And he did not do it grudgingly. That was his one way of bonding with Sabina. Many times, he would give her late night bottle of milk with her meds; and to this day, when I am too exhausted to get up when Sabina needs the extra comfort she needs from seizures or an illness, he will carry and rock Sabina to sleep in the wee hours of the morning without complaint.

Sabina's dad will never refuse to change her diaper with poop, suck the mucus from her nose, or stay up with me if I asked. He helps me keep track of medicines, and vaccinations, and takes the initiative to remember what routine tests Sabina needs to do next. He is one SUPER dad! I sure hope that Sabina and our eldest daughter know how blessed they are to have him. :)

Belated happy father's day to the best dad the two girls could ever have!!





  1. A super dad deserves a super wife. You are both an isspiration to a lot of people. God really knew who to give Sabina to... a mom and dad who would love and care for her like no one could. Blessings!!!

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  3. I had to edit wrong grammar.. sorry. I meant to say, Amen to that! What a blessing to have you both as parents. And thanks for detailing what Jello does!!! Amazing commitment and love. This article made me really smile!

  4. Awwww, what a sweet dad! Your children are blessed to have such loving parents. I always look forward to reading your blogs, Candy. You are such an inspiration! :-*