Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Poem from Sabina

I may not talk, walk or crawl,
I may not be able to stand 3 feet tall.
I was born with a disease that has no cure,
Yet I am special in God’s sight, that’s for sure.

Because of my sickness, I have seizures everyday,
I am turning 3 but unable to go out and play.
The things that other babies and kids do I cannot,
I have several disabilities, yes lots of those I’ve got.

My mito disease is a progressive one,
Certain things I was able to do before have now come undone.
But that’s ok because I know,
The wonderful love of Jesus before me goes.

My family surely love me and provide the utmost care.
I dwell and live on their kisses and hugs like teddy bears.
I enjoy being cuddled just like any other baby.
I thrive on the sense of loving touch that mommy gives me daily.

I enjoy watching Disney Junior and having books read to me,
I enjoy splashing in the pool with Sophia and daddy.
Three times a week, I see my Teacher Jing.
Even though it’s hard, my therapy is everything.

My food is always mixed with vitamins and meds galore.
Yet I get a treat once in awhile with my favorite ice cream and more.

I may be different, I may not smile as much.
I may not respond to laughter and such.
But please don’t think I don’t understand or feel,
I am a person too and can cry sometimes still.

A person with a disease needs lots of care and love.
Not charity or pity but real love from above.
Special kids are people just the same,
We live in your world too, but just belong to a different ballgame.

So when you see me, please don’t just glance.
I may be having a good day, and show you my bright smile by chance.
When you look at me, I may not giggle or hold out my arms,
But deep inside me, I know God’s blessed me with a special charm.

But please don’t be sorry too for how I am today.
Just treat me like you would any other toddler that’s all I can say.
God has a higher purpose for me this I know.
His mercy and grace sustain my life as I grow.

When one day in heaven with Jesus, my family and friends I’ll be.
I’ll be able to walk, talk and finally say -- 
"Despite my disease, thank you all for being so loving and kind to me."


  1. This is beautiful, Cands! Give Sabina a hug for me, please! See you soon!

  2. Awwww! This is so nice, Candy! Sabina is such a beautiful baby. And you're such a wonderful mommy!!! :-*

  3. from the heart, the mouth speaks. Lovely poem, Cands.

  4. Awwww...this is beautiful, Candy :) Sabina is so blessed to have a mom who loves her immeasurably :)

  5. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is beautiful. xoxo