Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Therapy with Teacher Jing

Sabina has been having physical and occupational therapy since she was 6 months old. Her developmental pediatrician first called it Early Intervention. Because Sabina is developmentally delayed in both gross and fine motor skills, therapy's function is to address these delays through manipulation and exercises; with the hopes of Sabina one day catching up with some of the normal childhood milestones. Our desire is that Sabina will be able to walk one day, but for now, the immediate goal is for Sabina to be able to sit up on her own - unsupported.

Sabina's therapist is Teacher Jing. Teacher Jing came on board when Sabina was about 10 months old. So Teacher Jing has seen Sabina grow into the little toddler that she is today. Three times a week, she comes to our house to be with Sabina. Teacher Jing is a HUGE part of Sabina's life and mine. She is an important and valuable partner in assisting us with Sabina's physical development. Teacher Jing is not just Sabina's therapist. She is Sabina's "preschool" teacher, who always has a smile and a song for Sabina. Sabina's eyes light up when Teacher Jing enters her room; and on good happy days, Sabina never fails to give her teacher a big charming smile. Jing is definitely someone important to Sabina.  

Teacher Jing has also become someone I consider a friend. What started out as a "medical" partnership to address the needs of my daughter, has grown into a friendship of two people who love Sabina very much and has the utmost concern and care for her well-being. We have both shed tears as Sabina "crawled" for the 1st time. We have both laughed and cheered for joy when Sabina pushed her body up with her arms. And one day, Lord willing, we will both cry tears of happiness when Sabina can sit on her own and maybe stand and take a step.

We are blessed to have found a therapist who can come to our home and help Sabina. In our situation, it is important to find therapists you can be comfortable with and can trust. Having Jing become a friend is definitely an added treat from the Lord. But we are blessed most especially because Jing loves Sabina like her own. Thank you Teacher Jing, for all your do for Sabina. We thank the Lord for you! And if Sabina could talk, we are certain she would say how much she loves you. :)

Here are some pictures of Sabina's therapy session with Teacher Jing.

Philippians 1:7   "I thank my God everytime I remember you."

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